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  1. Matter of Brassart. Family Court, New York County 2017-2018. Countries: France and U.S. French father who sought to enforce his access rights with his son in New York. The French Mother had relocated the residence of the child to New York with permission from the French Court. The case was ongoing in France and ultimately the French court granted residential custody to the Father in France. Applying the laws of comity we secured a return order from the Bronx Family Court. The child was returned to his father in France. Valerie Wolfman, Attorney for the Father, Howard Lefkowitz, of Counsel, Alexandre Boiche IAFL
  2. Matter of Blum 2015-2018. An Art gallery located in Paris had secured a judgment in France against a New York dealer on a cause of action for Breach of Trust. Under New York’s laws of comity we were able to bring proceedings in New York.
  3. Matter of v. F. 2014. This matter involved the drafting of a pre-nuptial agreement for the son of a wealthy individual residing in Switzerland. The concern was the validity, recognition and enforceability of the pre-nuptial agreement in various jurisdictions and the financial protection of the non-moneyed spouse. IAFL attorney Margerita Bortolani based in Zurich was the principal attorney.
  4. Matter of C. 2016-2018. The Mother was a French national. The parties had been living in New York with their sons. It was agreed that the Mother could remain in France with the boys and enroll the boys in school for a six month period – the boys to return in January of 2016. The Mother obtained an order from the French court permitting the mother to remain in France with the younger boy. On appeal, the French court reversed and ordered the younger child returned to New York. Valerie Wolfman, Howard Lefkowitz. IAFL attorney consulting in France: Alexandre Boiche.
  5. Matter of H. 2015. Unmarried parents of a very young child. The Father residing in New York, the Mother in France. While visiting the Father in New York, the Mother, after an altercation, threatened that the Father would never see the child again. After a court proceeding the parties came to an agreement. Valerie Wolfman, Howard Lefkowitz.

Published Cases

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Her approach was by far the most down to earth and honest that I could wish for. She is upfront and will give you a great amount of information for a first consultation, which is good if you don't want to get more confuse about what to do. The initial consultation fee was also extremely reasonable...


It is hard to find a lawyer that one can positively comment on. Valerie Wolfman is such an individual. She is extremely knowledgeable in family law. During my initial consultation she was generous with her time. She has always been available via phone and email. Flexibility is another great aspect...


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